Are you an entrepreneur or a future entrepreneur passionate and you want to maximize your sales performance for you and your team? In business you must always know how to sell.

Learn how to better sell your products and services. We will work together to perfect your representation plan. Too many entrepreneurs are busy managing emergencies on a daily basis and therefore neglect prospecting. Finding potential customers may not be the easiest part of your job, but it is necessary to ensure sales stability and the success of your business.

The themes :

  • Communicate effectively with clients (problem solving, negotiation, leadership, etc.) in the context of professional representation
  • Develop a clientele according to different prospecting techniques
  • Apply effective sales strategies based on the distribution network (wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers)
  • Organize your business and manage your time
  • Establish an effective marketing plan.

Online or class training and individual work

Choose your competencies
12 weeks
Registration 195$

No refund on registration fees for any cancellation on the participants part