Are you looking for funding for your project, wondering where to start?

The training aims to prepare you for a financing request, by carrying out the financial study to include in your business plan, which must include at least a balance sheet, an income statement, a financing plan, the cost of ownership and cash account to be ready to apply. Other tables and indicators can then enrich this part as needed: working capital, cash flow, financial ratios, details of certain items, etc.

The themes :

  • Interim balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • Cash
  • Risk and mitigation analysis.
  • Analysis of the nature of the investments to be made.
  • Study and selection of financing solutions and organizations.
  • Preparation of communication material, presentation, PowerPoint, video etc.
  • List the documents and information that should constitute the funding file (s).
  • Carry out the necessary actions for the requests such as incorporation of the company (if necessary), requesting quotes from suppliers, obtaining contracts, letters of interest etc …

For those who have already achieved a significant part of what is listed above, the training will essentially consist of preparing to revise and improve their financial files.

The training includes:

  • Re-evaluate the business plan and the financial study.
  • Build and / or rebuild a financial database for funding applications.
  • Complete the financial files.
  • Contact financial organizations.
  • Exercises and repetition of the presentation.
  • Meet with agencies and / or participate in a fundraising table.
  • According to the results obtained during the first contacts, make the necessary modifications to the business plans and / or the financing files.

Online our class training and individual work

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12 hours
Registration 175$

No refund on registration fees for any cancellation on the participants part