A visual presentation software (POWERPOINT type) is considered as a tool that contributes to the success of most projects. It can be used internally to explain a new project, to use a new tool or to make a financial presentation. Its main function is to present multimedia content for various circumstances: Teaching in a classroom, presenting a product to sell, presenting a business plan, explaining the structure of an organization etc……

The goal of the training is to allow users to quickly create powerful and dynamic presentations.

The themes :

  • Essential concepts: effective manipulation, application of models and modification of masks
  • Creating a new presentation
  • Fast feeding of content thanks to the plan mode
  • Inserting external elements: images, photos, graphics, tables, video and audio
  • Create and edit existing charts, tables, and charts
  • Enrich a presentation with objects
  • Changing the color scheme and mask
  • Formatting text boxes and graphic elements
  • Using some attractive animation effects
  • Essential shortcut keys in presentation mode
  • Printing presenter notes and document for participants

Online or class training and individual work

Choose your competencies
6 weeks
Registration 75$

No refund on registration fees for any cancellation on the participants part