Excel software is present in 99% of the companies and most of the employees know it and use it for years!

Its main advantage lies in the fact that it makes it easy to create spreadsheets that are totally customized and adapted to the specific needs of companies, management and graphical presentation of data in a remarkably efficient way while offering multiple possibilities to its users.

The benefits of Excel for your business:
● An editable and scalable tool that allows you to clearly display your data in spreadsheets and charts.
● Calculation models are quick to develop and modify.
● Automating tasks, as well as linking with data from other files, makes typing and processing easier.
● Excel saves you valuable time while saving you the cost of buying business management software.

The themes :
● Statistics database
● Commercial offer and customer management
● Various planning, project monitoring
● Financial and marketing reports
● The benefits of EXCEL solutions
● Various tips on Excel (training)
● Case studies: demonstration
● Questions and answers

Online or class training and individual work

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4 weeks
Registration 50$

No refund on registration fees for any cancellation on the participants part