To create documents and write texts, Microsoft Word is an essential software.

One of the advantages of the software: when creating a document, Word also lets you make sure it’s the best it can be. When you misspell a word, Microsoft Word will immediately underline it. You can then click on the word and get the suggested spellings. Same thing if you type a sentence and there are grammatical errors. This allows you to edit the document at the same time as you write it.

The themes :
● Create, save and print a document;
● Review, update, and modify the implicit formatting of a document.
● Know the layout tools;
● Use different reference tools in the document or to another document;
● Make envelopes and labels;
● Automate formatting using document templates and styles;
● Automate text insertion;
● Add a table of contents to a document;
● Automatically number the titles of a document

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